Given my experience as a depressed introvert for almost every moment of my life.I have learned to surf in these very difficult times almost alone. Fortunately or unfortunately i didn’t have anyone around me who understood my pain or anguish.It was a difficult time . To remember   those times itself is a pain staking experience.Given that i have learned a lot from my own mistakes. I learned these things at a heavy price. I would like to share some important points that i think will help someone who is also going through the same.(Note – i don’t know you,but neither you know yourself at this point of time if you are depressed )

Over a long period of time I believed in these ideas about living a life. I always felt at different point of time that these are all true and experienced it as facts .

1. Belief – My problem is my problem – No one can relate to it or even if one can,  i don’t want to be like them, i want a different solution.

Fact – Its true , but,You will find people with similar problems around you or can find their shared experiences in web. You will get bits and pieces to understand your problem from these.

2.Belief – I may not be able to solve the problem as i have tried a million times and failed. i am stuck here, which i hate.

Fact – It may be true, but you are in a jail of only one stream of finding happiness and success in life. Find other things that matter to you and focus on that. Accept failure but know that it is in one of the many things that matters.

3.Belief – I am in a wrong place . I don’t belong here.i can’t Relate with anyone of them

Fact – May be, but do you have a choice??Sometimes we end up in wrong places due to our decisions or other reasons. But don’t measure life with same tool always. Different times need different tools of perceiving life.

4.I can’t find the switch inside myself which controls my ambitions. So i prefer to be let alone

5.Belief – At difficult times no one can be trusted. You are your own. So keep a guard always.

Fact – True, but you are not God. Accept the laws of nature and built people around you who you can trust and who are loyal to you. For others just play the game

6.Belief – I am defined by my success. And I am not sure of my own abilities to reach the success that I show off in the society. Hence always in a terror of finding out this by others.

Fact – When success comes to you , beware its not for everyone to share. It’s only to be shared with those who you were loyal to you. When we expect others to celebrate our success its foolishness as they are only looking for your experience, for them you are as good as any use and throw pen. Know that.

to be continued……