I visualise life as cup of noodles or as a earphone cable, no one has any idea how it gets beautifully entangled. Just imagine eating a cup of noodles with a set of chop sticks sitting a wayside bench enjoying setting sun. Do we get frustrated about how this noodles are so messed up ,no right?. I always wish what if I can enjoy life like that. Everyone says and we know that life doesn’t always go in a straight line, but it is difficult to digest when we fall into messed up situation, entangled by our emotions, circumstances, relations and  so on and so forth.
When life hits us  hard when we are of guard, we fall into this ‘cup of noodles’ of life. Feeling totally helpless to digest what is going on and desperately trying to get out of it.
When we stare into total blankness  not knowing anything with a numbness in the conscience and a death beat in the heart,   we contemplate about what death really means to us.
We know that we have died inside us.
Real death will never show us what our non existence means, but death of judgement and conscience will show us what is our real value in the world.
As it will take away everything around you and all you can do is stare at it like an impotent man.

No wealth  , no relations will stand by you when you are a dead man.

Conscience is what keeps us going. That is what helps a soldier take up a gun and march towards his death. He dies but he dies only once. But those who walk away dies many death as he is dead inside and he will never find a life as he will not find his conscience.

Life is a struggle , there are no winners or losers, only choices…choosing to fight for ones conscience makes all of our efforts equal before the God.
So don’t end up measuring life with wins and loses that one have but how honestly one tried ….

God bless us all.