Society has its structure made up to maintain a mode of civility in the world. But what if these structures are so rigid that no progress can be made without breaking them. Then it requires a lot of strength to do so. An ordinary person will have to raise himself against all odds to fight the injustice done to him by so called safe social structure. It needs a lot of courage , it needs a lot of conviction for he himself may not have the solutions.
Yet he have to take the leap , for he desperately wants to escape his miserable life.
So said I hate my parents for they were like bullies in my life. I don’t remember when I laughed before or happy before in my life. I used to be so dull , so shy , but I know now that it is all due to the neglect and pettiness they showed to me.
I used to feel immense anger and anguish and act accordingly but I know now by doing that I only ruined my life, nothing less. I sometimes feel that they derive happiness in my weakness and enjoy my pain.
Even unknown persons were sympathetic to me and talked nicely to me seeing myself always depressed and in pain but not my parents they just didn’t even minded to ask.
Now I have lost my job , future seems dark. I have only one thing to say I feel betrayed and lonely but I will fight on ….because I did all my life…I fought for my family for I loved them . but now I want to live for myself. Happy ever after…

always be happy.. I love you