Sometimes ,to live a good life becomes a sort of challenge in an ordinary human beings lifetime. In my case the challenge was like climbing a steep hill expecting on the the other side a pleasant scenic promised land.But unfortunately i never found one. Journey itself got so tough that ,at some point of time i lost the hope of ever reaching the so called “Happy” life and kind fell into deep despair. Regret of losing whole life in trying to climb such high hill and forgetting to live made me feel like a miser trying hoard money for some unknown future.But , neither i wanted to get back nor i had the energy to keep going and place one step more. Life seemed like an unending loop and infinite at the same time. Pain, anger, anguish, self loathing, name anything that captures the human suffering .zenpostersHelplessness was the only thing that i can feel. However far i think, i couldn’t find my future , however i try to move on, something inside me was dead .That numbness was more painful than anything that i have ever known. It shook my soul to that point that i no longer knew what i am going to do . It never gave me a chance to get my life back to normal. I never thought that i will ever become something like that. I used to wonder at other people going out of touch but never fancied it for myself. But when it came, it came as large storm uprooting my senses and judgement and life along with it.