The very idea of  pointing fingers towards parents for the difficulties in ones life is “explosion” ary. The guilt and shame that comes with it is inexplicable. yet when life kicks you down on your ass, you look up on your family to support and understand you. But when that does not happen, the excruciating anger and betrayal that one feels is un imaginable. Parents, at the core of support system , if fail to even hear , becomes the very cause of your failure. What if they choose to neglect, avoid and belittle , then it becomes a painful memory in your life. Then finding your own core apart from family becomes a necessity. It takes time and a lot of healing.

My take away from period of depression is that as individuals, we might end up as totally different people from parents, which is going to make problems in life , if we don’t  promptly understand it and try to find proper support and emotional balance in life apart from family. In doing so, we should be aware of dangers of un trusty people around us. Take time and have patience to build proper personality framework to help and support for ones own life.

Study about ones own needs and give yourself time needed to learn ways to manage life.