Its easy to call out at others difficulty, others inability to overcome silly situations in life. But when the ball is passed on to our own court, the rule of game will wreck our heart and soul , then only the enormity of the task is acknowledged by us. Mental blocks experienced by me was like that. It was easy to point fingers at others, but it destroyed me and my life in a sly way. Overcoming our mental , emotional, relationship al, difficulties are similar to doing a surgery into our heart consciously.Pain is enormous, suffering is enormous, yet surgery needs to be done with out any help. May be surrounded by people who are happy to see us cry in pain , who has little care for us.

Recuperating from such a process is like being in a sedative. Filled with  pain, unbelief,  a sense of loss, anger, helplessness and suffering. The reality being highly unacceptable and unbelievable. Hurt beyond help and support, one cannot see light at the of the tunnel. No amount of struggle will show you the way out. To climb the hill back again is a n unbelievable nightmare.

My life stands at this point… If there is anyone out there… you are not alone…   I am a warrior… If this is it… i am going to fight…. I know you are too…