Book – War & Peace

I am currently reading this book for second time. Just like anna karenina , tolstoy touches the subtleties of human character , shows how it is formed and transformed over the time. It is a masterpiece as everyone knows, but what it taught me was the inability and impotence of human beings to understand and control one’s own character. The inability of the characters in the story, to drive themselves to better selves and their submission to the circumstances and unknown innate fears helps to draw an equity in human experience across the people in different class of society and living in different circumstances. This book can be described as  journey of different people who are seemingly connected with each other and are so “living under one roof of society” , who are like any common people who we see in our day to day lives. It’s like a painting of a calm sea with strong undercurrents, it helps us to understand the human mind. This book in someway helped me to understand how people are and why they are, for who they are.It helps to judge people less  and helps to imagine the story behind everyone’s calm ulterior. It connects our own journey in our life and gives us all kind of consolation that everyone of us are worth as everyone else among us and vice versa . It helps to see life much above what you are possessing, and to measure it with the happiness we experienced and joy we were gifted with, which according to tolstoy is equal for everybody irrespective of where you are born. War and peace is not a story of military engagement , but of human spirit to live a fulfilling life.

I would like to write a series of blog on the books I have read. I was not attracted by the idea of reading books in my school days, presuming it as a waste of time.I started reading after my graduation , while starting to do my first job. From then I haven’t stopped reading. I always had at least one book in my backpacking wherever I go.

I would like to share my experiences with each book i read and how it influenced me and it transformed me as a person.